Home Equity Lending Application Checklist

Already submitted your home equity application or thinking about applying? Nice! We'll let you know if we need anything else, as part of the Home Equity application process.

The additional information we would request for your application could include:

Please choose one of the following:

Proof of income and financial documentation1

If you are a salaried employee:

 Pay stubs – copies of your most recent pay stubs (past 30 days)

 W-2 forms – copies for the past 2 years

 Work history – explanation of employment gaps of 1 month or more

If you are self-employed:

 Tax returns – copies of signed personal and business tax returns from the past 2 years for each business, including schedules and attachments and Profit and Loss balance sheets2

Other sources of income

If applicable, we will also need:

 Documentation from additional sources of income (e.g., Social Security Awards Letter, leases and recent tax returns for rental income)

Additional documentation

We may also request:

 Tax assessment

 Trust agreement – if applicable

 Mortgage statement – if applicable, statements and/or escrow analysis statements

Documentation required for loan closing

The following will be required at, or prior to, your closing:

 Your photo identification - driver's license, state picture ID, U.S. military ID or U.S. passport are acceptable

 Payoffs – if you'll be using your line of credit to pay off bills or debt, you need to provide the amount, payee name, billing address and account numbers

 An evaluation of your property – if an interior evaluation is also needed, your lending specialist will contact you to discuss the best time the appraiser or broker can reach you to set up an appointment

 Insurance – proof of homeowners insurance

 Flood insurance (if needed)

Your loan closing will occur at the TD Bank location of your choice.

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